Skyclad Aerial
Skyclad Aerial is Virginia's premier U.A.V. service utilizing 4K drone video, HDR drone photography and 3D modeling to deliver valuable data that meet your exact needs. Services include Media Production, Real Estate, Build Site Monitoring, Terrain Mapping and Inspection. Active DC NFZ Waivers.

Commercial Applications

Drones have proven their use as a valuable tool in a variety of industries. Skyclad Aerial has served planners, landscape architects, CAD designers, contractors and municipalities to provide a range of deliverables including:

-Contour Maps - As-Built Analysis - Structure Models - Roof Analysis - Volumetrics - Custom 3D Models - Point Clouds

Some recent use cases:

-Providing roof analysis models for Sun Tribe Solar to integrate with solar array design software.

-Terrain analysis and contour line generation for Wolf Josey Landscape Architects at a 600 acre site.

-3D modeling of Federal Highway Administration Campus in DC NFR airspace

Ask us how drone services can save you time and money while delivering enhanced visual data that integrates with your existing workflow.

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