Skyclad Aerial
Skyclad Aerial is Virginia's premier U.A.V. service utilizing 4K drone video, HDR drone photography and 3D modeling to deliver valuable data that meet your exact needs. Services include Media Production, Real Estate, Build Site Monitoring, Terrain Mapping and Inspection. Active DC NFZ Waivers.


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Recent innovations in aerial photography are literally changing the way we see the world.  From extreme sports to search and rescue, UAVs or unmanned aerial vehicles are allowing professional photographers to capture images and data that were previously unattainable.  This burgeoning industry is creating opportunity in many fields that you might not expect.  Sky Clad is delighted to offer custom or packaged services to meet the needs of our clients.   No matter what your project, our 4k cameras, GPS controlled aircraft and professional editing team will deliver the product that you need.

  • Residential Real Estate
    • Aerial Perspective on Large Farms and Acreage
    • Showcase Historic Properties
    • Waterfront Homes
  • Commercial Real Estate
    • Brochures and Advertising
    • Site Selection
    • Traffic Analysis
  • Construction Applications
    • Land Use Analysis
    • Project Development Documentation
    • Surveys
  • Landscape Gardening
    • Site Planning
    • Wetlands and drainage mapping
    • Environmental Analysis
  • Special Events
    • Weddings
    • Golf Tournaments
    • Equestrian Events
    • Festivals and Concert Footage
    • Community Events
    • Water Sports and Adventure Sports
  • Production
    • Movie Footage
    • Web-sites
    • Commercials