Skyclad Aerial
Skyclad Aerial is Central Virginia's #1 drone service utilizing drone video, drone photography & 3D mapping to bring you the most up to date technology to meet your needs. Services include Media Production, Real Estate, Build Site Monitoring and Terrain Mapping. Contact us for more information.
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Terrain Mapping and 3D Modeling

Terrain Map

Skyclad Aerial’s 2D ortho-mosaic maps offer a real-time, high resolution alternative to dated satellite maps. Site planners, landscape architects and contractors have found tremendous use in the clear, accessible data that our maps provide. Skyclad Aerial’s partnering with licensed surveyors allows us to produce highly accurate base maps and contour line exports. Our in house software allows us to generate 3D models of terrain and structures that integrate with industry work flows such as AutoCAD and Revit.

Terrain Map with Contours

Terrain Map with Contours

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